These pictures are small impressions of the Wiesn - called Oktoberfest by the many foreigners who visit. If you want the inside scoop about the Wiesn (Oktoberfest) and what really happens inside a tent, go to our Bavarian Culture section. It's much more than a beer festival!

Oktoberfest Dirndl
Oktoberfest festival
Gingerbread heart munich
fair munich
Oktoberfest tent
cafe in munich
oktoberfest ferris wheel
Oktoberfest table reservation
beer fest beim schichtl
beer carousel
Eating chicken in Munich
oktoberfest labyrinth
oktoberfest fun
oktoberfest at night
Oktoberfest opening
Fish at Oktoberfest in Munich
Traditional dirndl
dancing oktoberfest
rides theresienwiese
bavarian tracht