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    Munich Beer Garden - Dinner Evening


Designed for our Alumni guests who have already joined us on our flagship Best of Bavaria Oktoberfest trip, this trip offers several new locations: Berlin, Prague, Ceský Krumlov, and Munich. For those interested in Stuttgart's Canstatter Wasen, an add-on trip to the Wasen is offered. Our last room sold-out February 5, 2017 Please contact me early to plan for next year!
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Oktoberfest 2017 and much more! Our flagship trip shows off the very best that Bavaria has to offer. Destinations include Munich, we have 3 Oktoberfest Reservations with RESERVED seats at Munich's Oktoberfest. Our last room sold March 18, 2017 - Contact me early to make your plans for 2018!
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Our classic tour visits the most traditional Bavarian Christmas markets. Sip hot wine with the locals and enjoy learning about the German seasonal customs! Ours is a small, personalized tour, and participation is limited to less than 20 people.   By design, our tour covers less geography so you don't spend all of your time in a bus. We take care of all the details and explain all the secrets of the culture, the history and the tradition. If you believe there is more to travel than just sight-seeing, our trip is for you.
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Christmas in central Europe is a magical time and our trip explores several cities whose Christmas traditions run deep. Starting in the Bavarian capital of Munich, we move on to several cities known for music and culture - Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague. These cities are beautiful any time of the year, but are stunning during the Christmas season. As an extra bonus, we also plan a day trip to Dresden - the home of Stollen and chief marketplace for goods from the Erzgebirge.
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Starkbier = Strong Beer. If you love beer, you will love this Doppelbock festival. And the best part? It is almost unknown to outsiders! Centered on Munich and Bamberg - classic favorites of beer connoisseurs - only the best beer destinations make the cut.
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28 Apr 2018
06 May 2018
18 vacancies
$1935 p.p.
$2397 for single

See the real Bavaria! Anchored by the Munich Frühlingfest, a traditional May Pole Festival,  you'll enjoy Bavaria's best in this unique combination of Bavarian Culture, Cuisine, and History.
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Private Tour designed exclusively for the customers of Cedar Springs Brewing Company in Michigan. During this trip, we will visit several breweries which inspired the beer and food served at Cedar Springs Brewing Company Additionally, you will have a professional guide who will explain the Bavarian history and its rich culture. Take this opportunity to enjoy beautiful Bavaria with your friends from Cedar Springs!
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Lazily floating down the Isar River on a log raft with beer and a live band, the madness of Ulm's Nabada, the excitement of Anna Fest, and lots of great food and beer. Many of our Alumni guests and friends have asked for this tour. We'll have plenty of time to enjoy
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Oktoberfest in Bavaria

We offer small, personalized tours and guide you through the intricacies of visiting Munich's world famous Oktoberfest. Our tour shows you the traditional side of Oktoberfest - all the charm and details that have made this festival famous.  Since we've been doing this for years, we have reserved tables in the Beer Tents! With us, you are guaranteed a seat with your companions!

Oktoberfest is the most famous celebration of beer, but it began as a wedding celebration for Ludwig I in 1810 and marked the first time that the Royal family invited the commoners along to the party. Each of Munich six breweries are represented at the Festival with a "Tent." These tents are enormous structures than can hold up to 10,000 people at a time. At the center is an elevated stage where the band plays. They are surrounded by tables where the guests sit and each tent offers excellent food - Roasted Chicken, Pig Knuckle, and Ox are the favored treats. The guests pass the time drinking, eating, and dancing on the benches. Outside the beer tents there is much to be seen. A large carnival with rides surround the beer tents. Many, many people are attired in the traditional Bavarian Garb - Lederhosen for the men and a Dirndl dress for the ladies. It's a wonderful atmosphere, full of fun. So, join us for the Munich Oktoberfest!

Insider Tip: Consider coming for Starkbierfest. The airfare is cheaper, the hotel rooms are cheaper, and so is the beer. It's even more traditional than the Munich Oktoberfest and isn't as crowded. See my page here for details!