... (We) included a small token of our appreciation for the great trip. I say small because the experience was priceless. We really enjoyed every aspect of the trip, getting a real insight in to the Bavarian lifestyle, and the fact that it was not so much a "tour" as being shown around by a (very knowledgeable) friend. Thank you for making it so special.
A Chicagoland Couple
(The Starkbierfest 2014 Gang at Paulaner am Nockherberg)
We traveled with Scott, Vonia and Stuart of BayernTrips this fall on their Oktoberfest Short Course trip. I have always wanted to visit Germany, but my wife was a little skeptical. We are both now HUGE fans of Bavaria and we give Scott and his family all the credit for making our first experience exceptional. The tour was incredibly well organized and every aspect was exactly as it was described on the website. It isn't easy to keep a group of 30 people constantly moving in the right direction, but Scott kept everything moving at the perfect pace. If you have ever been on a tour where you feel like you are rushed or constantly waiting for people to catch up you know exactly how important this is. I was very impressed with number of people who were returning on this trip multiple times. There were probably a half dozen people (out of 30) who had traveled with Bayern Trips before and they were all fantastic additions to the tour (hope you get to read this Bill and Russ!). Scott is the best tour guide we have ever worked with. His family (Vonia and Stuart) were incredible to travel with as well. I don't think the plane had left the ground in Munich and my wife and I were already talking about going back (of course we will be traveling with Scott when we do).
A Boston Couple
(Oktoberfest Short Course 2013)
I had the best time ever visiting Germany for Starkbierfest in 2013. Scott and Vonia are very friendly and fun people to hang out with. The group size was perfect. In fact, the trip was the most fun I ever had in my life traveling, and I have been fortunate enough to take a few trips during my lifetime. The schedule is very accommodating to every type of traveler, and Scott thoroughly covers every important detail of planning the trip, without compromising the relaxation mode associated with traveling.  I was able to enjoy every aspect of my sight-seeing experience. I am so satisfied from my first-ever trip to Germany, that I am already planning and looking forward to my next vacation in 2014 with Bayern Trips!
A Bostonian traveling solo
(Starkbierfest 2013)
We enjoyed the Oktoberfest trip so very much.  It was planned to be a family get together, but it was so much more!  The accommodations you made for the group were outstanding and within our budget, and we were very comfortable.  The schedule was focused and fun, and we enjoyed the opportunity to mix with the other participants.  For us, the highlights were the Viehscheids, many beer tastings, and events in Munich, especially Oktoberfest itself. Most of all, we thank you for your creativity and flexibility in helping us enjoy the experience, in light of [my husband's] injury just weeks before the trip.  It seemed like you were always looking for ways to make it possible for us to participate fully, despite [his] walking limitations.  Sometimes that meant alternate transportation to the Huttengaudi or having Vonia escort us by tram while the rest of the group walked to the Hirschgarten.  We so appreciated this extra effort on your part. We also appreciated the way you were comfortable with us dipping in and out of the organized activities, so we could visit places we wanted to see again.  It felt like the trip was with a group of friends instead of a tour with strict guidelines to keep everyone in line
A retired couple from Indiana
(Oktoberfest Short Course 2013)
Such an amazing experience, your passion for German history, culture and most importantly Bier really comes through and made the trip that much more enjoyable. Thinking about how we didn't really have to wait for things ever, and if so, not long ... how we got everywhere on time and how if plans fell apart you always had something to fill in the gaps. I had great accommodations, great food, great beer and great time and I owe it all to you, Vonia, and Stuart. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and blame you for canceling one of my trips next year to make room for a return trip to Bavaria :-)
A Single Guy from St. Louis
(Oktoberfest Short Course 2013)
I had the great pleasure of attending the 2013 Starkbierfest trip.  If you are looking for a less expensive alternative to Oktoberfest that does not have all the tourists running around this trip is for you.  Most of the time we were the only Americans around but everyone was very welcoming.We had a small group which made it easy to get around and make changes based on the desires of the group.  Scott is an amazing guide who enjoys what he does.  His knowledge of the area and ability to communicate with the locals makes it where you can relax and enjoy the experience.  Vonia is the woman behind the scenes that allows Scott to do what he does best which is mingle with others.  She would be setting up future excursions and taking care of all preparations.  As a single guy on his own it was very easy to mesh with a group that varied in age from their early 30’s to into their 60’s.  Everybody brought their previous life experiences and made new ones together.  The trip was so good that I am already planning my next trip with Bayern Trips. 
A military single guy
(Starkbierfest 2013)
You can take a tour of Bavaria with an average tour guide and have an average tour or you can choose BayernTrips run by Scott his wife Vonia and his son Stuart. I chose the 12 day Best of Bavaria tour and from day 1 it was a great time. Not only does Scott take you through the history of Bavaria, but he also knows all the little back roads that other tour guides will never take you to.The places off the beaten path that only the locals know of. You will see the Oktoberfest grounds and castles, but also meet the local German people in little towns out in the country. Scott and his family make you feel like you are part of their family. In 12 days you will form a strong bond with fellow travelers from all over the country. As for the beer and food, words can not describe how good it is. The beer back home cannot compare. I look forward to my next trip to Bavaria and it will again be with BayernTrips. I would not even consider anyone else. It was a pleasure meeting everyone in my tour group and Scott and his family.On a scale of 1 to 10 it was a 10!
A single traveler for STL area.
(Best of Bavaria 2013)
I have traveled with BayernTrips many times. The last trip was the Springfest tour in 2013, in 2012 I traveled on two tours. Scott and Vonia make the tours seem like you are traveling with a group of friends, and by the end of the tour you really are. The places we visit are all interesting and Scott's knowledge of the area and the history is amazing. He seems to be able to answer any question someone would ask. We visited two Spring Festivals and had a great time. The food, music and beer all added to the great experience and at the festival in Munich Scott had some of his, local, German friends join us. It was really nice getting to talk to them and seeing how much they enjoyed visiting with us. We, also, went to a May Pole raising in a small town outside of Munich. Only with BayernTrips would you have this opportunity. We were the only Americans there for this unique day of fun. All the food was made by the local ladies and was wonderful. Watching them put up the 45 foot pole using only poles, rope and man power was really something. I could go on but I am not writing a book. Let me just say I plan on touring with BayernTrips again in the near future.
A retired gentleman from Ohio, traveling solo
(Multiple Trips)
Thank you so much for giving us the best tour a couple could ever ask for. We had the most amazing time! We loved every minute of it and it was all thanks to you guys. Your personal touches on each part of the trip just made it that much more spectacular!!! We always felt like we were on a big family trip, and we met some wonderful people along the way. We will always remember this trip and have the greatest of memories.
A couple from St. Louis
(Oktoberfest 2013)

Dick and I have traveled many times with other travel groups and we have never had such a wonderful time. Both of you were the reason the trip was so enjoyable.Your personalities and concern for everyone in the group made it so special. We do know you helped us a lot more than was required. ;-)))

And we appreciate it. We can't stop bragging about you to everyone we know.

I hope some of our friends /family take your trips in the future.

A couple from Florida
(Oktoberfest 2012)
This is a long overdue 'thank you' for making my first (and definitely not my last) European trip so wonderful!  I cannot express how much I enjoyed myself and the company of the other travelers.  I honestly don't have anything similar to compare it with but I do know that when I travel with any other tour company, they have some big shoes to fill!  I have so many pictures and memories that I will definitely hold dear and I feel bad that when the trip came to an end, I didn't have the opportunity to express to you both what a wonderful time I had with you two as the leaders. 
A traveller from Texas
(Oktoberfest 2012)
We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.  Can't think of anything that you could have improved on.  The food and lodging were excellent and the historical side trips were informative and interesting.  Will be watching your web site and hope to see you soon.  We truly enjoyed seeing a little piece of the bavarian life style.  Thanks again for a great time
A couple fom Wisconsin
(Oktoberfest 2012)
I also wanted to thank you!  We had a blast on the trip!! It was so laid back, but well planned out. Couldn't have asked for anything more!   ... thank you again for an incredible experience!  We couldn't have picked anything better for the four of us.
A woman from the East Coast travelling with family
(Oktoberfest 2010)
Just wanted to tell you two how much we enjoyed our recent trip to Bavaria/Oktoberfest. Thank you for sharing your love of Bavaria. Most of all, thank you for enjoying it with us! We had the time of our lives! (by the way, I sure do miss the beer!) We are already talking about next year's trip!
A couple from Hawaii
(Oktoberfest 2010)
...before I get completely buried I wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I can't spell "bitteschein" properly but yiou get the drift. The trip was fabulous! The focus on the local touches/culture was particularly special. I really enjoyed myself... 


A single traveler from the St. Louis area
(Oktoberfest 2009)
Vonia and Scott, I had the most wonderful trip.  Thank you so much for making it so interesting and so much fun. And what a great group of people!
A single traveler from Baltimore
(Best of Bavaria 2009)
I just wanted to say Thank You for the amazing vacation that I had with you. We are both quite sad to be back home, we wanted to stay and continue experiencing new places and things. I haven't felt so relaxed in such a long time, knowing that everything was taken care of, and just being able to take in all of the experiences that you offered. We are already talking about coming back - we'll be saving up, hopefully for next years Christmas tour. Thank you again for an amazing time.
A young couple from North Carolina
We had a wonderful time. Thank you for being patient with our daughter. She had a great time. I just want to you to know that I think you are a very caring person. Not many people would care what happens to people before and after the "official" tour, but you really helped us with the first part of our trip as well as the last part. I got to see everything I wanted and you made it very easy for us. You also made sure we had your telephone number just in case something went wrong. You are truly a good person.
A family of three from Pennsylvania
(Connisseur's 2009)
We want to let you know how much we enjoyed the recent trip to Germany with you guys.  You couldn't have been any better tour guides.  So imformative and we loved the flexibility in your scheduling. We loved both of you guys.  Good Luck in all your future endeavors and we all wanted to let you know how much we think of you both.  We would really recommend you to anyone thinking of a Germany trip.
A retired couple from St. Louis Area
(Oktoberfest 2009)
Trey came up with a wonderful slogan for Bayern trips.... "Feel local in a foreign land".   That pretty much sums up our entire experience with you both. Scott,  your passion for Bavaria truly shines as you talk to each individual from our group and engage the locals. It is easy to see your love for the Bavarian culture and it's people,  and it infectious to those around you.
A couple from South Carolina
(2008 Best of Bavaria I)
I had to write an e-mail back thanking you for the best trip.  I am so glad we decided to take your tour.  When I started searching last year at this time for a tour to take, I was looking for a balanced tour but one that would not be stuffy.  I wanted to truly experience Germany and Oktoberfest.  I can't believe how lucky I was to find your tour.  You are both truly wonderful people and I enjoyed talking and getting to know each of you.  You created a group of friends amongst 27 strangers.  I felt like I was there with people I had known forever rather than people I met a few days prior.  You do everything right with your tours.  Please don't change a thing!!!  Thank you for a truly wonderful experience that I will remember always!
A couple from lower Michigan
(Best of Bavaria II, 2008)
Ned and I so much enjoyed our trip to Bavaria.  You and Scott made it so enjoyable and made our getting to and from all of the places we visited seem so effortless.  We never could have seen so much and gotten so "up close and personal" on our own.  Scott's knowledge of the history of Bavaria and sharing all of that with us was a real added bonus. 
Retired couple from St.Louis
(2008 Best of Bavaria I)
...not a single day has gone by since I've been back where I haven't sifted through my hundreds of photos and movie files at least once a day. To say I had a great time would be a HUGE understatement! Many thanks to you and Vonia, firstly for putting up with me, and most importantly, providing me with many fabulous and unforgettable experiences that I never could have had on my own.
A single traveller from San Francisco
(Best ofBavaria II)
You guys have put together an amazing experience and we are so glad we were able to go. When I told friends about the trip I told them it was like having a good friend take you to their favorite place and show you all the things about it they thought were cool and knew you would enjoy:) I know Mike and I had an awesome vacation we will always treasure.
A group of four from Virgina
(2008 Best of Bavaria II)
...we had the best time in Germany with you guys. And, I have to say you are great at what you do, you really made the trip. I can't even try to imagine what the trip would have been like with out you.
A family of 3 from Texas
We had a wonderful trip...it really exceeded our expectations.  I didn't realize what a beautiful country Germany was -  I can see why your so passionate about it. Again, thank you for planning such a terrific trip and for keeping the boys interested in sightseeing.  You made it enjoyable with all of your fun facts. Zach is still walking around with his Bavarian hat.
A family of 4 from New Jersey
(Planet Hockey 2008)
I want to thank you and Vonia for everything you did for us the both of you truly are terrific people. You both went out of your way to accommodate us for so many things and especially at dinner! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts!
A Family from New Jersey
(Planet Hockey 2008)