Wiesn 2015 - That's a wrap

Attendance at the 2015 Munich Oktoberfest was down a bit. How many fewer people and what was the reason?

Wiesn Results 2015

With about 400,000 less visitors, the 2015 Oktoberfest was marked by less tourists, but more locals. The official tally came in a 5,900,000 visitors and officials were reluctant to name any one particular reason. At the beginning, the Munich press was fond of calling this the “Krisen-Wiesn“ because of the many refuges inundating Munich and the closed border with Austria. While giving a nod to this as part of the reason for lesser attendance, officials also cited that the weather wasn’t as optimal as in past years.

Logically, beer consumption fell from 7.7 million liters in 2014 to 7.3 in 2015. However, 2 more Ox and 2 more calves were consumed this year – 114 Oxen and 50 Calves in 2015. On the midway, the amusement parks rides did well despite some colder days.

On the security front, there was a 9% reduction in police activity with a total of 2,017 cases. Police cases involving bodily harm were down 6% to a total of 372.

The “Lost and Found,” however, was as busy as ever with 2,948 items logged – including a dog, 3 wedding rings, 2 Lederhosen and 2 Dirndls. Gotta be a good story there!

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