The Same Procedure as Every Year!

Ever heard of the short comedy film "Dinner for One?" Germans love to watch this English comedy every New Year's Eve

Dinner for One

Germans love to celebrate “Silvester,” so named for the fourth century Pope Sylvester’s feast day on December 31st. They go at Silvester with gusto with lots of big parties but the celebration is punctuated by eating carp, shooting off fireworks and watching the short movie, Dinner for One.

Dinner for One is a great comedy and is completely done in English. The English phrase, “the same procedure as last year” is common to the German Lexicon, but few native English speakers have ever even heard of the film. I introduce this great comedy short to many of my groups. Have a look at it on YouTube and make it a part of your family’s annual procedure!

After the show, it would typical to enjoy “Karpfen Blau” – carp (fish) prepared so as to appear almost lifelike/raw – head intact, eye staring up at you...pleading with you to not eat him…It’s actually pretty good, but most Amis can’t get past how it looks.

A flaming “Feuerzangenbowle” is also a tradition. This Rum punch laced with burning sugar is a festive addition, based on the popular 1944 film.

Lastly, the night is punctuated by everyone setting off powerful fireworks on the street. It's quite surprising reckless there normal conservative Germans can get with explosives. 

There are also lots of places to attend formal celebrations. We have been to the Löwenbräukeller - for around 100 Euro you get a live band, 3 course dinner, Weisswurst at midnight and all the beer and wine you can handle. Many other locations are possible - even a huge party at the Theresienwiese.

The possiblities around Munich are endless, but it helps to make your plan in advance. This year we'll be celebrating in a private residence!

Guten Rutsch!