Starkbierfest 2012 Launches

Join us for the Fifth Season in Munich! Starkbierfest was founded for religious reasons but now finds favor in the secular world.

Starkbierfest. The “Fifth season,” as it’s known to insiders, coincides with Lent. The monks brewed a special, rich, calorie laden beer to help them through the fasting time. Nowadays, before the festivities begin, there is a political event at the main venue, Paulaner am Nockerherberg. The biggest politicians from Bavaria gather and are subjected to a good old fashioned roast. Lady Bavaria and Brother Barnabas lead the festivities and the roasting all takes place in good fun. Reports of this year’s were quite good. Last year, everyone was pretty well insulted. This year, they managed to walk the line between being funny and being offensive.

The BayernTrips Starkbierfest kicks off on Friday when our new guests land at Munich airport. Friday night will be pretty mild, but we kick things off in style with 30 seats front and center at Paulaner am Nockherberg. We will be meet by friends from Böbing, Landshut and Ulm (the FFF). After a traditional Weisswurst Frühstück on Sunday, we spend 2 nights in Bamberg, 1 in Nuremberg, and 1 in Regensburg, before returning to Munich to cap things off at Augustiner Keller, Ayinger, and, the coup de grace, Löwnebräukeller!

For more information about Starkbierfest, see my article here. Otherwise, plan on joining us in March 2013! In the meantime, follow our exploits on Facebook...