Schneider Tap X Mein Aventinus Barrique

The storied Schneider Brewery has released a new, special edition, Weissbier. You can't taste it in the USA, so you'll only be able to read about!

When you brew the world's finest Weissbier, you can afford to rest on your laurels. Somehow, the Weisses Brauhaus G. Schneider and Sohn GmbH didn't get that memo. Instead, they continue to experiment and push the envelope.

For some three years, the brew master at Schneider has produced a "Tap X" beer unlike their normal portfolio of great Weißbiers. On September 20, 2013 they released a new one that will likely be seen as quite polarizing and, sadly, a bit unloved.

This new creation, Tap X Mein Aventinus Barrique, boldly ventures into uncharted Weissbier territory. This will surely upset traditional Bavarian Weissbier drinkers? For almost a full year, the brew master has lagered 100 barrels of Aventinus, their Weizenbock offering, and waited for the right moment. During this time, the types of barrels were changed out. First the beer was stored in French Oak barrels previously used for Chardonnay. Then the beer was transferred to American oak barrels previously used for two year old German red wine. Later, more American oak which previously housed Cabernet Franc was employed. Lastly, the brew was kept in German oak barrels with a special, and secret, toasting.

All of these barrels imparted varied flavors into the beer and yielded a beer with little foam and fizz. The aroma has some ripe banana notes with fruitiness. The first tasting reveals nothing at like a Weissbier flavor. Sourness is the first sensation. After the shock wears off, the fruity flavors appear and the enjoyment of all the harmonious notes of this complex Cuvée comes through.

It's hard to believe that this brew is basically just an aged Aventinus, a classic Bavarian Weizendoppelbock. It tastes nothing like it. The German hops variety of "magnum" was used for this brew along with malt of the summer barley "Grace" and the "Herman" wheat varietal from the region around Riedenburg. Weighing in with an alcohol content of 9.5%, this 750 ml bottle of liquid joy will set you back €14 at the Weisses Brauhaus.

If you are a fan of Belgian Beer, you will likely find lots of to love. However, if you are just visiting  Bavaria for a short time, stick with the classic choices of the Original Tap 7 and the Aventinus Tap 6.

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