On Hitler’s Heels

Munich, "The Capital of the Movement," has a lot of history wrapped up in the Nazi period. Hitler's first apartment and his favorite restaurant were on the agenda today - plus a small exhbition dealing with comics about this dark period.

20 July, the date of Claus von Stauffenberg tried to assassinate Hitler, seemed like a fine day to do some WWII exploring in Munich. My first goal on this rainy and cold day in Munich (54F) was Hitler’s first apartment in Munich after he left Vienna. He loved at Schleissheimerstraße 34 from May 26, 1913 until he joined the Army in August of 1914. Hitler’s room was on the uppermost floor.

My second goal was to his favorite restaurant, the Osteria Bavaria. Nowadays, it’s called the Osteria Italiana. It’s evolved into a fine dining restaurant and a simple lunch set me back € 45 Euros. I was surprised how far away the restaurant was from his apartment. Somehow, I expected it be be a stone’s throw from his residence, but it is a good 1.3 km between the two. Click for Map.

Lastly, I was interested in a small exhibition of comics which deal with themes from WWII. The most famous of these to English speakers is likely the 2 volumes called Maus from Art Speigelmann. His artwork portrays Jews as mice and the Nazi guards as Cats.  However this tiny exhibition called “Holocaust in Comic,” has examples of these comics from many nations, including some from Germany.  It was really hard to find – buried on the 4th floor of an office building that adjoins shopping complex with the same address (Bayern Forum der Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung at Prielmayerstrasse 3. In case you’re interested, you can see some information (German Only):