Oktoberfest 2013 > Oktoberfest 2014

"After the Wiesn is before the Wiesn!" So goes the expression in Munich! It's already time to make your plans not to miss out on the fun in 2014!

The Wiesn Wirte will parade on to the Oktoberfest grounds on Saturday September 21, 2013 and Mayor Christian Ude will tap the first keg inside the Schottenhammel tent to officially kick of Munich's Oktoberfest.

For those of you who can't be here, the next three weeks will leave you with feelings of jealousy and envy. Sorry for your luck!

It's time for you to think about Oktoberfest 2014, so you don't miss out again! Our flagship "Best of Bavaria" Oktoberfest tour is aready planned for Sept 27, 2014 - Oct 8, 2014. Seats will go on sale on November 1, 2013. Check back on our website for upcming details - in 2013, this trip was sold out before February!

For our many Alumni, there is a special trip planned for Sept 13 - Sept 27, 2014 and those details can be seen here. Those bookings must be made by January 1 2014.

Get in touch with us soon after November1st to lock in our spot and don't miss the fuat Oktoberfest 2014!