Maybock Tapping Tonight!

The Bavarians take their beer so seriously that the Bavarian State Minister (Governor) will be in the Hofbrauhaus tonight to tap the Maibock - and it will be shown live on Bavarian Television...

Hofbrau Maibock

This year's annual tapping of the Maibock at the Hofbräuhaus takes place tonight, May 5.  Bavarian Finance Minister, Georg Fahrenschon and the Director of  Hofbräu München,  Dr. Michael Möller, were slated to host the event. But, this just in: Bavarian State Minister Horst Seehofer will attend and upstage his finance minister. Beyond that, everyone who is anyone in Politics, Business or Culture will be on hand for this annual event. 

Why the so much attention from the politicians? That's easy - the Hofbräu brewery is owned by the Bavarian State, so increasing Hofbräu sales helps out the budget! Many Bavarians will also watch from home since the event will be shown live on Bavarian Television at 21:45 tonight, Munich time. If you are curious, you should be able to find the show online here.

The Maibock, the oldest Bock Beer in Munich, is also available in the United States.