Independence Day in Germany

My buddy, Jersey Bill, and I spent our Independence Day in Germany. Those of you following our progress on Facebook know that Bill ended up spending 3 day in the hospital, but here’s the rest of the story…

Scott & Bill visit St. Emmeransmuehle

Christoph Probst

Max Emanuel Brewery

Watching Soccer

Day 1: We landed within 5 minutes of each other and quickly made our way to downtown Munich on the Subway. We stayed at a small Pension, Hotel Brecherspizte, located very near the Paulaner Brewery. I took a single room for 50 Euros per night with the bathroom down the hall and Bill opted for the in-room bathroom for 69 Euros – both a good price for downtown Munich. Our rooms were simple and no frills, but adequate for us. Plus, it was easy walking distance to the S-Bahn and to the tram.

After a quick shower, we walked through the Ostfriedhof on our way to the tram. We took a long ride out to the Sankt Emmeramsmühle Beer Garden. I was really looking forward to this one since it the last 5-beer rated establishment in Larry Hawthorne’s famous “Beer Drinker’s Guide to Munich” guidebook. Unfortunately, Bill and I did not agree with Larry’s assessment. It’s hard to get to this one and doesn’t offer anything all that special. Spaten is the offered brew, but the food was quite good. Still, we considered this one an average find – we gave it a 3.

Our next destination was the Max Emmanuel Brewery located near the university. On our way there, we stopped by the main building of university and I showed Bill the memorial to the Weisse Rose, a Nazi Resistance Group.  This group distributed anti-Nazi fliers throughout Munich and some other cities in Germany before being caught, tried, and executed.

We then walked 3 blocks to the Max-Emanuel Brewery. No longer a brewery, the place is named after Duke Maximilian-Emanuel (1662-1726). The small and eclectic beergarden in the back of the building serves up Löwenbräu beer and the normal snacks, but in a condensed space. We were there a few hours before the USA-Ghana soccer game, so the place was filling up and had quite an energy brewing. This one is in an easy to reach location with plenty of reasons to visit in both good and bad weather. Since it caters to students, prices are really good for downtown Munich and specials abound.

Bill and I planned on watching the USA soccer game back near our hotel so we could easily crawl into bed after our evening, so we hustled on to Paulaner am Nockherberg. Paulaner has a fabulous beergarden and it was already packed full of folks waiting for the game to start. We purchased our Mass and sat down at a table as near the giant video screen as possible. We easily fell into conversation with our table partners and we had a great evening, even though the USA lost. After the game we lingered on to midnight before walking back to our hotel. Even then, we bought a couple of Augustiners to-go from a little Turkish place and sat in front of our hotel enjoying the cool night air.

Day 2 – coming soon