Czech Hereos: Operation Anthropoid

The assassination of Nazi Henchman Heydrich is a multi-faceted story: A bold plan, botched execution, betrayal and mass reprisals. These Czech hereos sacrificed it all in an attempt to save their country.

A moving experience in Prague. The Czechs were never too happy about their country being sold out to the Nazi’s and they resist intensely – at times violently.

Czech resistance was so active in the “Protectorate” that the Nazi sent a top Henchman, Reinhard Heydrich, to get things under control. Known as “the Hangman,” Heydrich (a participant in the Wannsee Conference) was despised by the Czechs . This hatred led to his assassination in a bold commando raid named Operation Anthropoid. The plan went awry for the Czech Paratroopers, but Heydrich died in the end. They, however, were ratted out and hunted down in the crypt of the Church for the Saints Cyril and Methodius Cathedral in Prague. It’s a tale fit for Hollywood, but the real bravery of these fearless men and the people who helped them is stunning.

Hitler was furious and ordered the SS to carry out indiscriminate killings of innocent Czechs in retribution for Heydrich’s killing. Over 13,000 were arrested and the most notorious crime was the liquidation of an entire Czech town, Lidice.

It’s an eerie feeling to touch history. When it involves Nazi crimes, perhaps even more so.

For a detailed report on the attack inlcuding many great photos, see the following article: