BIER Tasting - IPA

A bunch of local (Gogebic/Penokee Range) beer aficionados gather tonight to taste 7 popular brands offering an India Pale Ale (IPA) style. We did a blind tasting of Sam Adams, Fat Tire’s Ranger, Summit, Bell’s Two Hearted, Central Waters, Dundee and Milwaukee’s Lakefront IPA.

Vonia poured them all blindly, so none of the tasters new what was coming. One guy, Mark M, picked out each beer and was 100% correct. Several tasters had little prior knowledge of the IPA style.The rating methodology considered several factors:

Color/Head: 0-2 points

Gogebic Chapter of BIER Club

Aroma: 0-3 points

Taste: 0-10 points

Aftertaste: 0-5 points

All tasters were 100% in unison on their least favorite beer: Dundee score just 52 points and all 7 tasters rated it dead last. The next worst, Summit, got 54 though everyone agreed it was far superior to Dundee – many glasses of the Dundee were sent back 1/2 full.

So what was the best?

Milwaukee’s Lakefront brewery’s IPA beta out Bell’s Two Hearted Ale by a nose – our two IPA aficionado’s picked Two Hearted, but on average, Lakefront squeaked out the top spot.