Beer Coasters from BayernTrips

I’m happy to announce our latest marketing piece: Beer Coasters!

I’m happy to announce our latest marketing piece: Beer Coasters!

If you are like me, I can’t stand being served a drink with a napkin. Worse yet is when the bartender, knowing how inadequate a napkin is, shakes some salt on the napkin. OK, it helps a bit, but it’s all pretty messy and lacks style. Why don’t bars on this side of the ocean so rarely use coasters?

So, we created our own coasters as a marketing device and we’d like to have your help in getting them placed into bars and restaurants with clientele likely to visit Bavaria some day. We will be sending our BayernTrips friends sample coasters very soon. If you think you know a bar or restaurant who serves German beer, German food, or even good craft beer, we’d love to give them our coasters, gratis. Just let me know the address of the place and we’ll send them bunches of our coasters – I’d just like to be sure that they’ll actually put them to use.

So what do the new BayernTrips Coasters look like?

We created a set of 4 coasters with 4 different photos of Bavarian Scenery. We have Neuschwanstein Castle, The Löwenbräu Team of horses, St. Bartholomä church on the Königsee near Berchtesgaden, and a shot of the the Ochsenbraterei Spaten Tent at Oktoberfest.The opposite side on each are all the same – Bavarian White & Blue with our logo and contact information on it. And, most importantly, these are high quality, regulation size, and are extra thick and absorbent. 

We’d love to send you samples – just email me with your address!