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Check out our latest tours now being advertised in Beer Advocate and Draft Magazines. Everyone’s heard of Oktoberfest, but Starkbierfest and Spring Fest are just for insiders! Check out our latest 2013 Tours featuring these events.

Both the Starkbierfest and SpringFest are designed with the ultimate beer connoisseur in mind. Starkbierfest celebrates the arrival of the Doppelbock season, which coincides with Lent. A number of festivals are planned in Munich, and we round out our itinerary with a pilgrimage to Bamberg. This trip runs March 1 – March 10, 2013. Check out the full itinerary here or see my article here for further details behind the Starkbierfest tradition.

Springfest is my newest tour and was created around the May 1st holiday when small Bavarian towns raise up their new May Pole. Together with the Frühlingsfest in Munich, we will also visit several other major festivals as well as the beer capital of Bamberg. This tour runs from April 27 – May 5, 2013. See the full itinerary here.