125th Anniversary of Ludwig II's death

A legendary figure and still beloved by Bavarians, Ludwig II died a mysterious death in Lake Starnberg 125 years ago. To this day, no one can say with any certainty how the King met his demise.

Ludwig II, King of Bavaria

2011, Bavarians will mark the 125th anniversary of the death of their beloved King Ludwig II.

How the king dies remains mystery. The “official” version is that he, along with Dr Von Gudden, drowned in Lake Starnberg. Many discount this idea wondering how Ludwig II, who was 6’2” and an excellent swimmer, could meet his demise in 3 feet of water. Some people claim it Ludwig was shot or somehow otherwise murdered. Curiously, the Wittelsbach family has never allowed Ludwig’s corpse be examined. The evidence lies in the crypt of St. Michaels in the middle of Munich, never to be known.

Though Ludwig II was criticized much during his life, he is now clearly the most loved of all the Bavarian Monarchs. On Monday, there will be a ceremony at the site of his death on Lake Starnberg and the Arch Bishop of Munich-Freising will celebrate a memorial mass in St. Michaels. At 10:30 AM, another mass will be celebrated by the abbot from Kloster Andechs at Berg on Lake Starnberg.

Clearly, the Bavarians love their mysterious monarch. Come with us to Bavaria to learn more about this legendary figure.