We use public transportation whenever possible. Using the fabulous German network is often fast and much more flexible. Although we use buses occasionally, we find that using public transportation affords greater flexibility with our schedule. 


Bavarian food is outstanding and offers much more than sauerkraut and sausage! We spend a lot of time on menus for our group meals. We shy away from "fancy" meals in favor of authentic dishes. Wiener Schniztel, Weisswurst, Schweinehaxe, Sauerbraten, Kasseler Rippchen, Leberkaes, Obatzda, Leberknoedelsuppe

and other dishes await you!

Small Groups

Our groups consist of 10-40 people. Having smaller numbers than the big tours allowsus to be more flexible and responsive. We provide at least 2 hosts on each trip so we can provide even more flexibility and options for our guests. 

History and Culture

We believe you should learn something about the place you are visiting. Since we specialize in this region, we know the history and culture very well. In specific locations, local guides will also be provided. 


We do not use big, chain hotels. We prefer the traditional, family run inns. Yes, the floors might creak a bit and the elevators, if they exist, are small and slow, but the hotel will have authentic Bavarian charm and Gemütlichkeit. 

Depth, not breadth

We focus on one area of Germany. 

We take you to the major sites, but also the lesser known ones. Don't see the country from behind a glass window, or spend your time packing and unpacking in a different hotel every night. Slow down, soak up the culture and relax - you're on vacation! 

Our Guests

In 2012, 32% of or guests had travelled with us previously. The average age is 54 years of age. Fitness level is generally good, and many have travelled the world extensively.

This is not your grandmother's bus tour ;) 

Fitness Level

We do quite a bit of walking and many of the sites in Germany are not kind to folks with disabilities. That said, we have had plenty of guests with challenges. If you have specific concerns, we should discuss them up front. However, plan on walking - a lot!